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Where are we located?


Barberio School of Massage Therapy is located right off the Garden State parkway in Linwood, New Jersey. The town of Linwood is prestigious and full of families.The city is a total of four square miles approximately 9 miles outside of Atlantic City. Our school sits in the corner of Linwood Professional Plaza. Linwood Professional Plaza also houses other business offices like Ameriprise Financial and Mainland Wellness Rehabilitation Center. It is located in an area that is easy to locate and safe at night.  With over 20,000 cars passing daily, you cannot miss it. The school itself is located in the furthest corner from New Road. There is plenty of parking space close to the school, so walking will not be a problem.  Barberio School has been operating as a licensed school for over 17 years in the same location. For those who need public transportation, the closest bus stop is a short walk away from the front door of the school. Public transportation runs daily up and down Route 9, New Road where Barberio School is located.


3 Things to Know About Barberio School’s Location


  1. It’s located in a professional plaza that is well lit and safe at night. 
  2. There is plenty of parking just steps away from the front door of the school
  3. It’s conveniently located near a bus route for those who are relying on public transportation


The Classroom


Barberio School prides itself on holding day and evening classes. The unique thing about Barberio School is that they only accept 6 students per class. This makes the student to teacher ratio in a class 6:1, allowing for more attention during learning. Barberio School of Massage Therapy has been operating this way for over 17 years and has seen much success. Students prefer this style of learning because it allows them to get more 1 on 1 time with the teacher, making learning the material easier. The owner and director of the school, Rob Barberio, is one of the teachers. Rob has been in the massage field for over 30 years. He also has a degree in Physical Therapy which goes hand and hand with massage. Rob brings all his knowledge and experience into the classroom to share with his students. The other teachers are all working, licensed massage therapists. They are all also graduates of Barberio School of Massage Therapy, so they know what it takes to succeed in class. The team of educators at Barberio School is committed to teaching you the very best in the field of massage therapy.


The Curriculum


 The curriculum has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Education and the Department of Workforce and Development. They have been proud members of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. The curriculum and the approach taken to teach the curriculum prepares the student to take the MBLEX Exam. The MBLEX Exam is a national exam required by the State of New Jersey to become licensed as a massage therapist. Also included in the curriculum is all the hands-on training. Techniques such as swedish, therapeutic, and deep tissue massage are all taught at Barberio School. Other hands-on techniques that are included are range of motion, and joint mobilization. At Barberio School they will teach you 30, 50, 60, 80, and even 100 minute massage therapy sequences for each modality. The sequences that are taught have been developed by the owner, and have been tried and true throughout his successful massage therapy career. Other types of massage such as hot stone, aroma therapy, and table thai massage are just some of the continuing education classes you can choose from at Barberio School of Massage Therapy. 

To recap, Barberio School of Massage Therapy is located in Linwood, New Jersey right off Route 9. They are located in a safe, professional plaza. The class size is small to provide a more personal teaching experience. The curriculum taught is everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the state-required MBLEX Exam. The school teaches many massage sequences that you can use throughout your career. The school also offers many continuing education courses that will help you build on your massage knowledge and skill!