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The MBLEx Exam

The MBLEx Exam

The MBLEx exam is a standardized test that contains all the knowledge needed to
become a licensed massage therapist.

MBLEx stands for the Massage and Bodywork Licensing
Examination. The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards(FSMTB) administers the
MBLEx exam and manages the practice of massage therapy in the U.S. The FSMTB
administers the MBLEx exam nationally, and it is available in almost every state including New


What you need to know


At Barberio School of Massage Therapy, you are taught everything you are required to
know in order to pass your MBLEx exam. Students are tested on their knowledge of massage in
class as well as given the opportunity to do hands-on work with teachers to instruct them.

The MBLEx exam tests students on Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology,
Contraindications, Areas of Caution, Special Populations, Benefits of massage, Client
assessment, Ethics and Laws, and Guidelines for professional massage. The test consists of
100 multiple-choice questions that you are given two and a half hours to complete. You are
required to score a 630 to pass the exam.

In order to take the exam, students must submit an
application through FSMTB. Applications can be submitted online or in the mail. This is required
to make sure you have the proper education to take the test.

The MBLEx exam is the only
acceptable prerequisite for massage licensure in 44 states and 3 U.S territories. With a passing
score on this test, you can become a practicing massage therapist pretty much anywhere in the

The MBLEx exam can be an intimidating thing for someone who doesn’t know what to


Barberio School of Massage Classroom

Barberio School of Massage Therapy prepares all its students to take and pa

ss the
MBLEx exam. The exam is taken after you graduate from Barb

erio School, so the information
on the exam will not be new to you.It is important that students study on their own as
well to ensure success on their exam. The way you study for the exam should be no different
than the way you normally study for a test.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to go over
the information so you are not cramming it in a few days before your test.

7 Test-Tips For Taking The MBLEx Exam

1. Get plenty of sleep the night before the test. Not only does it help your brian
concentrate better. But your brain actually continues to learn even after you have
fallen asleep.
2. Study. Study weeks in advance. Do not cram all of your studying into two or three
nights. Make it a habit to study every day around the same time.
3. Be aware of your learning style. If you learn best by asking a lot of questions, ask
the questions. If you retain information best by reteaching yourself lessons, do
that. Do not finish class without understanding a lesson.
4. Focus on weak points. If there is information that you aren’t as familiar with,
make that your priority. Study your weak areas first and the most.
5. Review all of the material. Even if you are sure that you know certain pieces of
information, it won’t hurt to review it more. This will ensure that you have it down.

6. Use your resources. There are plenty of online study guides and practice tests at
your disposal. Make sure to use as many as you possibly can.
7. Be confident. You are learning everything you need to know to pass the MBLEx